Standard ‘O’ Rings and Non Standard ‘O’ Rings are produced in a very wide selection of elastomers and elastomeric materials.

The most common are Nitrile ‘O’ Rings, Viton ‘O’ Rings, EPDM ‘O’ Rings, Silicone ‘O’ Rings, Fluorosilicone ‘O’ Rings, Neoprene ‘O’ Rings and Polyurethane ‘O’ Rings. Please check with us for your particular requirement because many more polymer options are available.

For high chemical resistance Perfuoroelastomer ‘O’ Rings, Viton Extreme ETP ‘O’ Rings, Aflas TFE/P ‘O’ Rings, Viton FKM ‘O’ Rings and EPDM P.C. ‘O’ Rings are available. Please check with us for resistance to your particular problem. 

O Rings and Seals

A full range of EMC shielding ‘O’ Rings are available either moulded or jointed extrusion. An almost limitless range of sizes can be supplied in jointed cord. For conductive applications Silver Aluminium ‘O’ Rings and Nickel Graphite ‘O’ Rings are available. We also provide Rubber Plugs and Sockets from a quality elastometric materials.

‘O’ Rings are made to conform to a wide range of specifications including but not limited to BS 1806, BS 4518, AS568B, DIN 3771, SMS 1586, AN 6227, JIS B2401, JIS W1516 and ISO 3601. 

Why not give us a call and let us quote for your requirements not only for ‘O’ Rings but for Quad Rings, Gamma Seals, VK Seals, Seloc Washers, Oil Seals, Bonded Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Shaft Seals, Rubber Plugs, Rubber Sockets, Gaskets and Mil C 38999 Gaskets.

 We are fully accredited to ISO 9001, AS 9100, TS16949 and SC21.